Quick post of some pics


I’ve been slacking off the last few days. Got really busy last week, and then we went on a weekend vacation sort of thing at a house out in the hill country. So I haven’t had much time to paint. And then the Olympics started, and my evenings lately have been shot.

But I painted these guys a little more than a week ago, and I wanted to post the pics I took just after their dip. (Actually, the guy on the right is post-dip, the other two are pre-dip.)

I’m hoping to paint over the coming weekend. I’ve got more shields to paint, then lots and lots more of the same sort of figs. There will be a total of 64 like this, although 16 of them will have different-colored shields. These 16 will be gladiators with Roman equipment. The other 48 are slaves with Roman equipment.

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