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Painting Victorian shop

I’m partway through painting a Victorian shop from Sarissa Precision. It’s a great building, with nice detail. I’ve painted the brick with a base coat of Createx Opaque Coral (after priming with Vallejo   Gray Surface Primer). Now I’m going to mix 50/50 or so the orange with Createx Opaque Red. I’ll paint a few random bricks with this darker color, and then maybe paint a few lighter bricks.

This is the first of several such buildings I’m painting to go along with figures from North Star Military Figures for In Her Majesty’s Name. Pretty soon I’ll have things set up enough to play.

Pictures to come in my next post.

New unit!

I’ve finished a unit of Cretan archers. Six bases. They’ll fight as superior undrilled unprotected bow in my Late Republican Roman army.  Here are some pictures. I’m pretty happy with them. I added some large rocks to most of the bases. These are made from bits of cork. The snakes and other designs are freehand (if you couldn’t tell).

The tunics are army painter spray red. I believe the skin is Model Color Medium Fleshtone (70.860).

First game of Field of Glory

Well, it was a partial game anyway:

The weather was really bad. We’ve had sleet, and the guy running the store tonight was looking at an hour-long drive home. So he wanted to close up early.

I played with Bob and Lance assisted me. Bob had a ton of light troops that marched up the center of the table. I had some nice terrain on both flanks of my legions, which were lined up in the center and close to my side of the table. This nice terrain led me to think I should stay where I was, but Bob’s light troops were eating up my flanks.

Both Bob and Lance thought that I should have taken fewer legions or maybe worse legions and spent the saved points on more medium foot. They seemed to think I was too outnumbered, which I’m sure is right. The composition of my army was pretty much a guess on my part.

So now I may end up adding some figures to give me some flexibility. Elephants? Cretan archers (up to six bases)?

My light troops suffered at the hands of Bob’s. I will say that I had a number of bad roles, both for base losses and cohesion tests. So I think that skewed the results I was getting a bit. At any rate, it was fun for a short game. I would have liked to have seen my legions get in on the action.

Quick post of some pics


I’ve been slacking off the last few days. Got really busy last week, and then we went on a weekend vacation sort of thing at a house out in the hill country. So I haven’t had much time to paint. And then the Olympics started, and my evenings lately have been shot.

But I painted these guys a little more than a week ago, and I wanted to post the pics I took just after their dip. (Actually, the guy on the right is post-dip, the other two are pre-dip.)

I’m hoping to paint over the coming weekend. I’ve got more shields to paint, then lots and lots more of the same sort of figs. There will be a total of 64 like this, although 16 of them will have different-colored shields. These 16 will be gladiators with Roman equipment. The other 48 are slaves with Roman equipment.

New miniatures, different army


After some reading on the ‘net, I’ve decided to do Spartacus’s army first, instead of the Successors. I’ve become convinced that it’s good to start off with an army that has lots of undrilled troops (because there are fewer decisions to make). Plus, I’m pretty excited about having gladiators in my army. I know that it might not be completely historically accurate, but I’m having some guys with the cool helmets and armor only on the arms. I figure my army will be outfitted as Spartacus’s army was early on, before they got a hold of a lot of Roman equipment. Above is a picture of some of the gladiators; these are from Museum Miniatures. Below are pictures of some of legionaries; these are from Corvus Belli.

gladiators_before_paintingThe Romans are to be “Slaves equipped with Roman weapons and armor, Heavy Foot, Armored, Average, Undrilled, Impact Swordsmen. There are 48 figures for 12 bases in 2 BGs. I’ll paint the tunics in various colors (at least white, yellow, and brown). The shields will be blue. The helmets will be bronze, and the tassels will be black.

Forced hiatus while I wait for more figures

I’ve discovered Xyston miniatures. They look much better than the Essex figures I’ve got now for my budding Macedonian army. Also, I’m thinking now that I’m going to do a Successor army (Seleucid) instead. It’s going to have to be early Seleucid, since Xyston doesn’t yet have cataphracts available. So I’ll be ordering in the next couple of days, and I’ll return to painting as soon as I get the new figures.