Another session, before the dip

Phylangites_before_dip  007

Painted for about four hours this afternoon. This was way longer than I thought it would take (again), but I think I did a fair job, and I do think I’m getting faster. I’m doing much better than I was at first, and I know that the main thing I’ve learned (or re-learned) is how to tell when I’ve got the paint flowing right. The first session or two I was really fighting the brush and the paint. I switched to a smaller brush and just got a better feel for how much water to add to the paint. That’s really sped things up.

Also, I’m slowly getting used to the idea of allowing small mistakes?actually, not just that, but going faster, understanding that a few small mistakes will happen. Anyway, tomorrow hopefully the shield transfers will get here, and I’ll apply them. Then I’ll dip the figures and be done (except for basing).

In other news, I played a little FOG today for the first time. It was a teaching game, and I learned quite a bit. Very fun. I was partially controlling some cavalry and light chariots, with a lot of help from Rob. I managed to kill a sub-commander with a lucky 12.

Third evening, spears are painted


Started at around 10, finished at 12:15, so just over two hours. I finished the leather straps and the back of the shields, on half the figures. Then I painted the spears. Can’t really say where the time went?it didn’t seem like that long. I guess that’s a good thing, since I guess that means I enjoyed myself. It was pretty engrossing.

I’m glad to be painting, and it’s fairly enjoyable, but I’m afraid that I’m going to stop before I finish. I’m not good at putting in effort over a long period of time. I should look at this as an opportunity to change that about myself. I just need to remember my goal, which is to have an army that I can actually play with. That would be good. And so much the better if I enjoy myself along the way.


Second evening of painting

Not so much to show for my work tonight. Painted for an hour and a half. I finished the feet, and I painted the leather on half the figures. Still to go:

  • Leather for sword hilt, scabbard strap, back of shield (eight figures). This is by far the hardest part, as I’ve got to do some very careful work for the strap.
  • Red for helmet and tunic.
  • Bronze for shin guards.
  • Brown for pike.
  • Metal for pike point and pommel.

Note the small change in that I’m doing bronze for the shin guards only, and leaving the shields white (for the decals).

Results from first session



I painted for two hours. It took almost exactly one hour to do the skin on all 16 figures, then almost exactly one hour to paint black on the top of the cuirass and the scabbard.

There’s still a fair amount to do, but I’m fairly happy with the pace I’ve set. Here’s what I’ve got left:

  • Bronze for helmet, shield, shin guards.
  • Leather for sword hilt, scabbard strap, back of shield.
  • Brown for pike.
  • Metal for pike point.
  • Skin for feet (forgot).
  • Red for tunic.

The good news is that I think I’ve done the hardest stuff already. My guess is two more hours and I’ll be ready to use the dip.